Care Services In Petersfield

The Rosemary Foundation provides a wide range of palliative care services in and around the Petersfield area for patients with advanced, progressive, or life limiting illnesses.

Our services include practical help delivered by experienced nurses, in addition to counselling and bereavement support from trained professionals. 

Care Services In Petersfield

Why Choose The Rosemary Foundation for Care Services in Petersfield?

  • Our care services have been rated as “Outstanding” by the Care Quality Commission (CQC) 
  • We have provided care to over 3,000 individuals and helped them remain comfortable in their home environments. 
  • We are a charitable organisation relying entirely on donations, allowing us to focus entirely on the care we provide to your loved ones. 
  • Nurses with a wealth of experience within palliative care.
  • Counselling support for patients and relatives – available for up to a year after the death of a loved one.  
  • Patient-based care – we deliver the wishes of the patient in consultation with medical professionals. 

The Rosemary Foundation Palliative Care Services Petersfield

Here at the Rosemary Foundation, we provide a comprehensive personal service for individuals suffering from life-limiting illnesses such as cancer within their own homes. Our hospice at home service ensures that patients and relatives enjoy the highest possible quality of life as they navigate this challenging period. 

Every patient is matched with a named nurse, ensuring personal relationships are developed between all involved parties. We also involve all relevant healthcare professionals to assess the care that needs to be delivered and how best to administer those services. 

As someone who requires care or needs support nursing a terminally ill loved one, knowing you rely on bespoke holistic care services provided by an experienced professional team can alleviate the stress and anxiety that is often associated with these circumstances.

The Rosemary Foundation – Petersfield Case Study

Bob was an 82 year old man, widowed and living alone, supported by his son, daughter and a local family. Initially we provided just background support as he was still very independent and wishing to remain so for as long as possible.

When Bob experienced pain and confusion at night pain we stepped up the care to meet the patients ever changing needs. Close and frequent communication with his GP , Macmillan Midhurst team and the local Community nurses was invaluable & between us we were able to keep Bob at home as he wished .

The family said:


“The Rosemary Foundation are amazing people, they cared for our father in his home with regular visits until he died. They would also come out whenever necessary, they were fantastic. They also helped us as a family, I cannot thank them enough “

Frequently Asked Questions about our Care in Petersfield

The Rosemary Foundation is a Hospice at Home care provider in Petersfield. All our care is provided free in the patients home or normal place of residence around Petersfield.

A nursing team will be established and setup during the initial stages of your friend or relatives care. Once established you can expect a number of volunteers, healthcare support workers and nurses to visit during the period of care. 

We are a team of 20 nurses and very experienced health care support workers. To find out more information about our team visit our care team

We offer 1:1 bereavement counselling for relatives and families of the patient. This is available for up to a year after the death of a loved one. For more information about our bereavement service visit Bereavement Counselling 

During the course of the care provided to your relative the patient will receive hands on personal care, available 24/7 to manage problems that may arise. Provide physiological support to the patient and their families.  We can also provide respite sits and night sits for patients.

If you believe that a friend or relative is in need of end of life palliative care it is best to get the approval of a local GP in Petersfield in the first instance. For a list of local GP’s in Petersfield

Contact The Rosemary Foundation Care Services Petersfield

The Rosemary Foundation have been absolute angels at supporting my mother in law, and late father in law. The support they provide to families is fantastic. I know of a few families they’ve supported. Words can’t really emphasise how amazing they are at what they do. Thank you.

Sarah Powell