Chairmans Letter

Chairmans Letter - A message from the Rosemary Foundation Chairman, Chris Wilton

It seems almost superfluous to hope that everyone has had a happy and healthy spring and summer.

The pandemic and subsequent lockdown has affected each and everyone of us. It has also become the most over-analysed, over-reported and micro-managed few months certainly of my lifetime. So I don’t intend to say any more about it.


What has struck me most profoundly about it is how fundamentally nice the people of Petersfield and the surrounding area are; and how willingly they have got together to help others. In Sheet, we offered a helpline to anyone needing it and sought volunteers. We had 60 within 24 hours. The same was also true of other areas.

Our nurses have, as those of you who know them would expect, continued throughout the pandemic to look after those in need, twenty four hours a day, seven days a week. They have quite often looked exhausted, but never without a smile even if it was hidden by their masks.

And I’ve been amazed and humbled by the wonderful people in the community who have redoubled their fund-raising for us. It would be invidious of me to single out any in particular, but there is a pub which has been utterly amazing. You know who you are! Thank you.

In other news, Jeremy Mitchell, who for six years has been our General Manager and latterly our main corporate fund-raiser, has decided to devote more time to enjoying his hobbies and his time at home. I doubt he will be bored. He will leave us at the end of September and will be missed by one and all. He has been a true stalwart supporter of the Foundation. The trustees, staff volunteers and friends of the Foundation will, I know, all join me in wishing him a happy and more relaxed future.

Let’s hope that the next few months will be less of a strain than the last six. And above all, let’s be thankful that we live in such a kind and thoughtful area.

Chairmans Letter - Chris Wilton Chairman Rosemary Foundation

Christopher Wilton

Chairman, Board of Trustees

Words cannot describe the level of care and attention provided by all The Rosemary Foundation nurses to Anne during her final weeks. 

Family East Meon